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Run ENDURO USA (instructions for Club-Parents) Parents, AFTER your student is listed on his/her team’s (or club’s) official roster on Run ENDURO USA, by the “Coach of Record” you must do the following before your student(s) can be entered in competition by your team’s/club’s “Coach of Record”:  - - - Go to Run ENDURO USA and setup an account IN YOUR NAME.        Once you’ve logged into your Run ENDURO USA account,         click on “My Roster List” (in the left navigation panel) - - -         then click on “Club-Parent’s Roster”.  This will open the window         where you can search for and add your student to your “Club-Parent’s Roster”.                                                         After you log into your Run ENDURO USA account and add your student to your “Club-Parent’s Roster”, you can then - - -   (A) provide the required Parent Authorization.  (Simply click on your student’s name and proceed.)   (B) make on-line payment for your student’s YES-Athletics membership fee.  (Membership - $10/year)                     - - - Additional parent instructions for the Run ENDURO USA website are available after you login.                    After you have completed Parent Authorization (and desired fee payments), your team’s “Coach of Record” can ENTER your student(s) in the appropriate event or race by submitting the appropriate Excel spread sheet to the CCCNYC / CCCSSC Championships Meet Director (Frank Millavcic).                                                                                                
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