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Cross Country Coaches Small School Club Championships                           CCCSSC Championships is a national caliber meet that is independent of all other “national organizations”.  Qualifying for the CCCSSC Championships is limited to the first 40 qualified teams/clubs to enter.  To review qualifying guidlines please return to the Event Website and click on “Qualifying”.  Return to the event website here:  CCCSSC All students who compete:     (1) must be listed by the “Coach of Record on the official On-line Roster            of the team/club for which he/she will compete at            - - -;  and,     (2) must be a member of YES-Athletics;           YES-Athletics individual student memberships are $10 per year.     NOTE:  Club-Parensts must set up their own Run ENDURO USA account so                  they can provide on-line Parent Authorization and pay on-line for their                  student’s YES-Athletics Membership.  There are instructions on the                  Run ENDURO USA website for Club-Parents after they login. All “school based clubs” that compete in the CCCSSC Championships:      MUST send an Excel spread sheet of entries to:      Meet Director: Frank Miklavcic                              Phone Number: (502) 320-2264                              E-mail: The competiton (entry) fee for each student will be paid at check-in.  ($20 / student) If you are a “school based club” (entering the high school “CCCSSC Championships”) you are NOT asked to pay the CCCSSC Championships competition (entry) fee on-line - in advance.  Your students will need to pay their YES-Athletics Individual Membership fees on-line only.  ($10 / student) YES-Athletics individual membership fees are paid on-line through the Run ENDURO USA website.                                                    Please remember, YES-Athletics policy requires the “coach of record”, or his/her designee, to be responsible for maintaining a current, official On-line Roster on the Run ENDURO USA website.  The Account Holder (coach of record) must be an ADULT.